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Web Design | Photography

Terry can make all sorts of things. Accessibility-focused websites are just one example. Small business and non-profit organization friendly!

View the gallery below to see why she might be a good fit for your latest project. Email her at with your quote request.

Web Design & Development

Offline banner image for Sussex County Maker Faire Twitch channel featuring affiliate logos and a Power Racer

Twitch channel branding for Sussex County Maker Faire 2020. Image shown is an offline banner, other assets included profile picture, stream overlay, and information panels.

Logo redesign for Amoroso Wellness

Amoroso Wellness logo redesign to convert a hand-drawn logotype into easily-reproducible vector artwork.

Two screenshots of All Saints Bay Head Episcopal Church website. Left image is desktop view, right image is mobile view. The menu is collapsed on the mobile view.

Responsive website for a local church; color scheme changes with the Liturgical season. Left side: browser view. Right side: mobile view. Logo inspired by silhouette. Site management changed.

Single screenshot of the homepage for Mixit.Click, a random drink recipe generator website.

Responsive random drink recipe generator. Data collected from over 1,000 popular recipes available online, patterns analyzed to determine weighted averages and combinations of ingredients. Refreshing the page generates a new recipe.Click here or the image to visit the live Mixit site.

Single screenshot of an internal page for an event company named CorLane.

Prototype created for a local small business. Interactive version available upon request.

Single screenshot of an internal page for an independent graphic novel named Curbstomp, not to be confused with the Image or Boom! properties.

Prototype created for a graphic novel by a local artist, and writer. Preserves printed "facing page" feel in an online format.


Photograph of a hot air balloon with vertical rainbow stripes. Image is cropped to focus on the basket and blast of flame.

New Jersey Festival of Ballooning, Summer 2017.

Close-up photograph of a red fur scarf made of small round pieces. A snowflake is just beginning to melt on the scarf.

Macro image captured during active snow fall.

Red wax drips on a bottle of bourbon, product glamour photograph.

Product glamour shot of hand-dipped wax.